Our Photo Album features:

Christ's Church "GiveAway" - June 2008

Jenise in Mali and Senegal - April 2008

Penina, Jean, Jenise & Lydia   

Scott & Aaran's "Cora"

Colin and Sarah have a baby...

A new photo of Colin and Sarah's "Bronwyn"

Merry Christmas from Colin, Sarah & Bronwyn!

Sandy's three "object d' pathos"

Tonya's angels,

Renee at the Christmas Party (in Memory of Renee Bell),

Mason at the Christmas Party,

Jenise & Advent Wreathe in Vienna

A photo tour of the church building

Part of our Missions family at work

Daniel Ruiz's photo of Maasai girl at water well

Jim and Marshall @ Halloween party

CC Family "Look Back"


"We are family at Christ's Church..."

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