Sermons & Devotionals

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Special Days


Valentine's Day Weekend

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

Mother's Day 

Pentecost Sunday

Memorial Day Weekend

In knowing that you will die, you know how to live. (Memorial Day 09)

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 - Worship Moment Online

Father's Day

Father's Day 2009 - "Lessons from Eph 4"

Father's Day 2011 - "Who's your daddy??"

Father's Day 2012 - "Can a Zebra Change its Stripes?"

Children's Day

Grandparent's Day

4th of July

Church & State: What is the 'Corpus Christi' - the 'Ecclesia?'

Freedom! "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

Labor Day Holiday Weekend

Back to School


Halloween: Who is the 'Devil' and what is 'evil?'

Between the Living and the Dead

Halloween: Are the Dead really Gone?


Gratitude brings...

God said to Celebrate!

Say, "Thank You!" and change society with gratitude.


1st Sunday of Advent - 2010

1st Sunday of Advent - 2011

2nd Sunday of Advent - 2010

2nd Sunday of Advent - 2011

3rd Sunday of Advent - 2010

3rd Sunday of Advent - 2011

4th Sunday of Advent - 2010

4th Sunday of Advent - 2011

New Years

Pressing On (2012)

Looking Back on 2012


'Position' Papers

When God set the worlds in order

Year of the Tithe in Levitical Law


Random Thoughts

Developing a Biblically consistent World-View

Tragedies and Terrorism

Does God love Israelis more than Palestinians?

I am irritated by Christians who will politically side with a non-religious Jew against a Christian Palestinian because the Jews are “God’s people.” Hello???

Turning a fast into a feast

Who is my Brother?

I am irritated by Christian-backed embargo policies

Love raises the standard of community equality, aspirations and care

Love for the alien

"You have this anointing..."

Church & State: What is the 'Corpus Christi' - the 'Ecclesia?'

Why the Bible must be understood in a historical/sociological context

The 'church' - mission and responsibilities

In the "bottleneck" of civilization

Warnings about modern Christianity!

Intolerable Christians

Reinventing yourself as a Christian

Living intentionally!

Seeker - being a follower of Jesus

As a man thinketh in his heart...

Joseph had high expectations!

He was called Barnabas - son of encouragement

...which way you went? (Philip)

A day at a time with eons to go

Forgiveness and being delivered from evil

Seeing Jesus in our present circumstances

Que Sera, Sera & C'est la Vie!

If Christ is anything to you -- be that to others

Obsessed with health? Get over it!

Whatever happened to...

How to be a leader

The power of blessing

Thoughts on marriage

Is your conscience clear?

Sometimes we feel like a failure

No joy? No contentment?

Through Faith - God!

Thoughts about 'raising' children

Conscience - nurture or nature?

Passing 'God' on to next generations...

Becoming a 'like-able' person

God is watching

Psalms 121

Being Blessed!

Paul: Liberal or Conservative?

We want to see His Glory...

What's involved in being spiritual and not merely religious?

What is 'justification?'

What is 'sanctification' and 'righteousness?'

A temporary human experience...

Peter - a Jew by religion or a Christian by lifestyle

The Bible is about who we are

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