Our Missions

Our mission is to the world as we know it.  The greater our awareness and the more immediate the need, the heavier our responsibility. 


We share in the responsibility to

  • those immediately around us

  • our church family

  • and those known by our church family. 

We believe that if we don't do what we can to try to take care of our own we are "worse than the infidels." 

Please check out the following web sites!

Dr. Jason Foster: pediatrician to children in Mali

We are deeply moved by the compassionate healing gifts of ministry that Dr. Foster brings to every situation. Just to visit with him for a few minutes helps one understand what joy, hope, and encouragement he brings to the children of Mali. His gentle spirit and intellectual curiosity are bringing hope and healing to frail and damaged little bodies.

China Relief effort with the Dunne's

We helped with supplies that were carried up into the mountain villages around and beyond the mud and rock slides. These villages and homes were devastated by the earthquakes, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and tens of thousands dead. We thank God daily for the Dunne's and pray for the success of their business there in China!

We share in the needs of our community through continual involvement with  

and other service agencies as specific needs arise.

We share in the purchase and distribution of scripture to those in 12 Step and rehab programs and to those incarcerated. Our source for these scriptures is the International Bible Society.

We share in the needs of hundreds of children in Third World countries through our support of the efforts of groups like Rotary International. We are proud of the humanitarian work done by corporations such as Tyson (see this link of Tyson's involvement in West Africa).

We believe strongly in the value of the work done by missionaries such as  

We believe that a major component of bringing new opportunities to folks with limited resources is by helping further the education of those with a real desire to learn and achieve. We stand beside such individuals with scholarship assistance through the efforts of 

We believe that most people, anywhere and everywhere, want to improve their own situations. We also believe that most people in need are lacking resources and aren't looking for charity...the proverbial "leg-up and not a hand-out."

There are several wonderful organizations that are involved in assisting individuals and communities around the world with their projects through micro-economic project development loans. This is a marvelous way of assisting people to become self-sufficient and be builders of their own community!

This fosters a pride of ownership and encourages others to strive for success and self-determination. It also enables the local community to eventually be able to fully support their own religious, spiritual, educational, cultural, medical and social entities.

We are happy to be part of these efforts to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, bandage the wounded (physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially), teach the illiterate, provide education opportunities, bring the sounds of music and set little feet to dancing!

We are also deeply saddened by the tremendous cost of discipleship to tens of thousands of Christians around the world every year who are imprisoned, often tortured and frequently killed because they place their hope of eternal life in Jesus, the Son of God. Please take this opportunity to find out who some of these precious people are and how you can pray for them and send some of them messages of your prayers, love and concern. http://www.prisoneralert.com/ and http://www.persecution.com

Voice of the Martyrs is serving the Body of Christ in such a compassionate way. Please join their organization; at least sign up for their newsletter to keep updated on the urgent prayer needs for those who are suffering and dying because of their faith in Jesus.

If you wish to make a donation directly to any of these wonderful projects, please click on their website and follow their directions for sending gifts. 

If you prefer to make your donation through Christ's Church, please be assured we will protect your anonymity and will send you a receipt with the number of the church check, recipient, amount, and date the gift was sent on to your designated project recipient. We will forward 100%, every cent of your donation, to whichever of these projects you choose.     


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